We are an associate ministry under the Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship, commonly known as the NMF.  

NMF is a clearing house of information to help other churches develop their own motorcycle ministries.

NMF helps to get the information to churches by setting up at Mid Term and General Assembly conferences held every two and four years. 

Visit the NMF booth or catch our break out session at the 2017 General Assembly.

The NMF General Operating budget and all expenses for the 2017 General Assembly are funded by donations from churches or individuals. No funds are used by the Executive Council members. All funds raised go towards the cost of booth rental. 

If you would like to donate to the General Operating Fund you can do so by using the PayPal option below.


To support 2017 General Assembly

NMF also has an Associate Patch that can be worn by any one that affiliates with us.  These patches are available by using the process below and cost $10 each, plus $2 for shipping.

NMF also sponsors a program that buys motorcycles for missionaries. The Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions fund has to date placed 62 bikes in the hands of missionaries to allow them to spread the word of God.  We have more applications than funds, so you can help us by donating.

Donate to Rusty Bellomy Fund




Please visit Midland Valley Community Church of the Nazarene on the Aiken/Augusta Highway, Clearwater, SC
Service Times: Sunday 9, 10:40 am, Wednesday 6:30.

Call (803) 593-3114 or visit our website at www.mvnazarene.org

  Midland Valley Community Church of the Nazarene

Saturday, April 29, 2017